"I've had the opportunity to work with Jessa on two freelance pieces for The Incline. For both, Jessa used her extensive knowledge of Pittsburgh's fashion and retail scene to find a wide variety of sources. I appreciated how Jessa used her collaborative spirit and plentiful ideas to work with me in shaping the stories to best fit The Incline's audience. In addition to writing these articles, she sourced photos and relevant event details — all delivered on deadline. Throughout the process, Jessa was communicative, eager, and professional, which makes working with her a delight." - Rossilynne Culgan, Food and Culture Editor, The Incline

"It was great working with Jessa - I loved her enthusiasm, research, and insight into my art. I found it a rare experience for someone to put into words what I do and express in my creative process with such clarity and fun." - Atticus Adams, Sculptor. Commissioned by Carnegie Museum of Art, Sculptor Meets Runway: Atticus Adams and the Material Worlds Fashion Show  shared Atticus Adams' journey of creating his first wearable pieces of artwork.


"Calling you brave feels contrived. But you're doing something that I'm not sure I'd ever have the ovaries to do. I appreciate you being raw and honest (always). And your writing moves me (always). From the outside looking in, it feels like this is where you belong. What is that terrible cliche? If you love your work, you never work a day in your life. I'm over here cheering you on from grass that is no greener than yours. I will always want to consume your writing so please keep pushing." - comment from Terra McBride, founder of Love Nothing More, on the piece, Harmonizing the Romantic and Unromantic Side of Freelance.

"Erin Szymanski, this is by far the most exquisite masterpiece I have ever laid eyes on.... so maddeningly impressed. This blog kinda made me hang on every word." - Carrie Bierman, reader. Welcome, Luna celebrated the mastermind of Erin Szymanski and revealed her new special occasion and wedding boutique, Luna Boutique, in Sewickley, Pa.


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Jessica (Jessa) Gibboney