Jessa Gibboney is a writer and storyteller living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sharing stories nourishes her soul. She was hooked at eighteen. Jessa's mother kept a daily journal of her senior year of high school; and to this day, it is a cherished gift. Reading her journey through another's words was not only therapeutic, it gave purpose to once common moments. The documentation ends with this: 

“This is the end of my journal entries. Maybe you’ll choose to continue the journal with your own thoughts.” 

Jessa did continue. She has been a storyteller ever since. 

Jessa's first print short essay, wonder preserved, appeared in Holl & Lane Magazine in October 2017. This essay beautifully tied a quality of her husband to a vintage silk kimono. 

As the creator of  Wavy Alabaster, Jessa shares everything from the stories behind sustainable style to personal reflections. One of her most most-read pieces of 2018, Infertility: A State of Normalcy, explores the depth of emotion felt by Jessa as she and her husband navigated years of infertility.

2018 brought new commissioned work for Jessa. She covered an innovative musical collaboration between Steve Hackman and the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh in the piece,
Mendelssohn Choir Of Pittsburgh Rocks Bob Dylan With Steve Hackman at the Helm. She wrote about the Pittsburgh Opera’s presentation of The Elixir of Love in the piece, A Girl and Her First Opera: Pittsburgh Opera Presents Donizetti's The Elixir of Love. In April, Jessa produced a piece for The Incline entitled Sustainable clothing in Pittsburgh: A guide to smart shopping and Earth-friendly donations. 

Set to release this year, Jessa will be co-hosting a podcast, Common Hours, with friend and entrepreneur, Cara Berrigan. This podcast will explore the beauty of common hours in everyday journeys. Each week, they will chat with a new person who is inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, advancing confidently in the direction of their dreams. Jessa and Cara, much like themselves, want to engage with those in the trenches working toward a self-defined way of living, A great deal can be learned from observing one's journey while still in it. 

Jessa lives with her husband, Ben. Together, they have a beautiful daughter, Louise Jane, born in October of 2018 and an energetic pup named Opal.


To commission Jessa as a storyteller or for more substantial or long-form writing projects, please use the email below.

Jessica (Jessa) Gibboney